iPhone Simulator on Multiple Sessions through iRAPP TS

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Many of our clients have asked us if iRAPP TS supports simultaneous sessions of the iPhone/iPad Simulator. We’ve responded to this request and are happy to report that this feature is fully supported.

If you are a university or a organization that would like to offer an iPhone/iPad development solution to multiple users—without making a large investment in hardware and/or software—iRAPP TS will provide you with both cost and time savings.

iRAPP TS is fully compatible with Xcode and the iPhone SDK for developers.

Multiple users can run the iPhone simulator and Xcode at the same time, using the same hardware environment. There is no need to setup Xcode or iPhone SDK on each students/users machine. The work sessions are concurrent, which allows users to access the same hardware environment remotely, enabling the user to work from home or a different location.

We’ve prepared a simple application that will setup your iRAPP TS / OS X to allow multiple instances of the iPhone/iPad Simulator:

Download the iPhone_Launcher Application.

(Actually it is a shell script that is wrapped into an application container:
iPhone Launcher.app/Contents/MacOS/iPhone_Launcher )

To install the application you should open Terminal and perform the following command:

tar xf iPhone_Launcher.app.tar

mv "iPhone Launcher.app" /Applications/


You will now find iPhone Launcher.app in the Applications directory.


This Application ensures that the iPhoneSimulator.app settings are configured to allow multiple sessions. If the application is not configured properly, the application will correct the settings and load the iPhone Simulator for the user.


iPhone Simulator on Mac Terminal Server


Please be advised of the following rules when use the Launcher for fixing the "iOS Simulator" environment:

1. It would be good to run the Launcher for the first time by the iPhone SDK owner account. Otherwise attempts to fix iOS Simulator environment can fail.

2. If the Launcher reports that the "iOS Simulator" does not exist, then you should edit the shell script and set the valid path to the following variable: IPHONE_SIMULATOR_PATH

3. User who tries to fix  the "iOS Simulator" environment should have administrative credentials to access all components of the "iOS Simulator.app" bundle.

4. Unload all copies of the "iOS Simulator" before using the Launcher for fixing environment.


Troubleshooting notes

1. If you experienced any troubles with the "iOS Simulator", try to reset environment and restart the system:
    iOS Simulator->Menu->Reset Content and Settings

2. To restore the " iOS Simulator" just reinstall the XCode.

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14 Responses to “iPhone Simulator on Multiple Sessions through iRAPP TS”

  • iRAPP_Support Says:

    Dear Mike, Please check out our knowledge base article on customizing the launcher script. Best, iRAPP Support Team http://www.coderebel.com/support/faq/How-to-customize-Launcher-for-multiple-XCode-instances

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks a lot for your product. I wrote that it possible to edit the shell script. Is it really possible? Can you explain how? I want my script to launch the simulator and afterwards launch one of my apps.

  • Josef Says:

    Hi, will you also support the XCode 4.6? Thanks in advance.

  • iRAPP_Support Says:

    Hi Folks! We've updated our iPhone Simulator tool to support xCode 4.5.2. Please download the latest version here: http://www.coderebel.com/support/features/iphone-simulator.html Best, iRAPP Support Team

  • Dmitry Says:

    Is there any news about update for xCode 4.5.2? Because I can`t launch multiple sessions of ios sumulator even with different users. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? But only one user can run only single copy.

  • Ed Says:

    Thanks for this tool! It has definitely worked for me in the past, but Xcode 4.5.2 seems to have broken it. Do you have any plans for an update?

  • iRAPP_Support Says:

    Dear Kunal, Please try the following: 1) Reset all data and cashes: iOS Simulator->Menu->Reset Content and Settings // 2) Restore iOS Simulator: Reinstalling XCode restores iOS Simulator. Best, iRAPP Support Team

  • iRAPP_Support Says:

    Dear Dan, Thanks for your comment/questions! Regarding Xcode 4.5.2, the latest version of Xcode we have completed testing for is 4.5. We are working through our 4.5.2 testing at this time. However, it sounds like you are attempting to open multiple instances of the iOS Simulator within the same user's sessions. Since Xcode version 4.3, instances of iOS Simulator are controlled by Launch Services internally and LSMultipleInstancesProhibited is ignored for the same session. So unfortunately, there is no way to launch several copies of the same iOS Simulator app within the same user session. To get 2 or more iOS Simulators on the same screen, a user should launch each subsequent instance on behalf of another user, e.g. in Terminal with su/sudo. Also, the user can create several copies of iOS Simulator app, etc. But all of these tricks need system administration and we are not able to support such requests as a service of iRAPP. Best, iRAPP Support Team

  • Dan Says:

    Is this working for anyone with XCode 4.5.2? No luck here.. :\ No errors, it just launches it once, and then on subsequent runs just activates the simulator. It did update the “Application prohibits multiple instances” flag in the plist though..

  • Kunal Says:

    Hi, I installed the iPhone Simulator app hosted on this site into my iMac. My xcode is not functioning with the simulator now. Can you please let me know the steps to restore it back to its original form i.e. in its state before installing your iPhone Simulator app

  • fS Says:

    Works great !!! BIG TNKS!

  • Pavel Says:

    We were connecting remotely to Mac OS X 10.7.1 Leon Server using VNC under several user accounts. Everyone could run Xcode 4.1 without problems but once simulator was needed, only first user was able to launch it. iPhone Launcher.app has solved our problem. Now it is possible to run several instances of iOS Simulator and then debug several applications at the same time under different accounts. Cheers!

  • fernando Says:

    Hi! I installed it, after running it the first time, I closed it. The next times I ran it, after some minutes it displayed a message that SDK couldnt be found, and an option to select it. After I selected it, it no longer asked me about SDK location but it just displays the iOS simulator screen, just a black screen, and it doenst work... any idea? thanks Fernando

  • Vivek Says:

    Awesome work guys... it works like a charm.

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