University of Alabama Partners with Code Rebel

Code Rebel is proud to announce a new partnership with the Management Information Systems (MIS) Program at the University of Alabama.  Since the Spring semester 2010, the MIS program has utilized our iRAPP TS software to connect Windows-based student workstations to a single Mac Mini Server.  

Combining the power of iRAPP TS with our iPhone/iPad Launcher Application, students are able to develop and test applications for iPhone, iPad, and iPod without having to purchase multiple individual Mac workstations.   

The iRAPP TS solution allows users to access Mac OSX from a Windows-based PC and merge the two platforms into one environment, often translating into substantial savings.  In the case of the University of Alabama MIS Program, project manager Jarrod Stanley estimates a savings of approximately $10,000 in initial hardware and setup costs.

Read more about our partnership on the University of Alabama MIS website.

Do you know a school who could benefit from our software?  We offer a 25% discount to all educational institutions.  Learn more about the iRAPP TS software or contact us for a quote.


Published On: October 19th, 2010

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