Case Study: Intuit


iRAPP Terminal Server Case Study: Intuit




When Intuit released the Mac version of their software, Intuit’s support staff required access to both PC and Mac platforms to be able to answer support calls and explain features to users.  One of the greatest difficulties they faced was the logistics regarding how to give each person both a Mac and a PC - and the problem of having two monitors, two keyboards, two mice, two sets of speakers, etc.  Rather than purchase new Mac machines for each support staff employee and conduct training sessions to introduce them to the Mac OS, Intuit purchased iRAPP Terminal Server. 


Using iRAPP TS, Intuit was able to give its employees direct access to the Intuit software within the Mac environment, right from their current PC work station.  They have even set up iRAPP TS to open their Intuit program upon connection, thus avoiding the need to train employees on the Mac OS.


Intuit experienced a significant cost savings including hardware, system administration, training, and infrastructure deployment that far outweighed the price of the iRAPP TS licenses. 


Not only was the cost savings significant, but deployment time with iRAPP TS was reduced to just a few days from purchase to launch, compared to the several weeks that would be needed to procure, install, and conduct training for new hardware.



Client Testimonial:

"Thanks again for all your help; iRAPP truly is a phenomenal and much needed application, which we have already had excellent use and feedback in our organization."


- Mike W., Intuit Inc.

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