iRAPP TS Case Study: DeVry University


iRAPP Terminal Server Case Study: DeVry University



DeVry University is an educational institution that focuses on bringing real-world scenarios and technologies into the classroom to prepare their students for employment. DeVry has discovered a use scenario for iRAPP TS that involves providing their students access to develop iPad/iPhone applications without having to purchase Mac systems for each student in the program. Their use scenario is detailed below, as told by their Corey C., a professor at DeVry University.


Client Testimonial:

"Since I teach the upper division courses, I am working with the students just before they leave to go out into industry. We have had a few groups of students who have created their own game companies and have been trying to figure out solutions for doing iPad/iPhone development since they do not want to buy Macs for every member of the team.

I have just purchased a Mac Mini Server which I am using to host websites, wikis and portfolios for students. This was the catalyst for me to start looking into iRAPP, I started to see how I could use this server to do more than just host material. With a Terminal server, I could actually start teaching iOS development without having to get DeVry to purchase a Mac Lab and all the software."


- Corey C., DeVry University Professor

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