iRAPP TS Case Study: TestPlant


iRAPP Terminal Server Case Study: TestPlant



TestPlant is an international software development company whose product, eggPlant, provides users with an automated testing process for software. Through the integration of iRAPP into their product, TestPlant utilized our iRAPP solution to deliver their Mac based software to Windows IT infrastructures. This solution allowed TestPlant to verify a new market and gain a new customer share.


Below please see a few screenshots showing our whitelabled iRAPP solution in action:



Client Testimonial:

"Code Rebel has been a wonderful technical partner. Using iRAPP has allowed us to deploy the Mac OS X version of our testing product, eggPlant Server, to large farms of Windows clients seamlessly. Making optimum use of existing hardware our customers are easily able to access the application from either platform. iRAPP was the perfect solution to deploy a Terminal Services solution on Mac."


- Jonathan Gillaspie, Chief Software Architect, TestPlant, Inc.

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