Key Differences Between iRapp
and iRapp TS

  • iRapp TS (Mac Terminal Server) allows multiple users to connect one Mac simultaneously
  • iRapp is a Mac Remote Desktop solution
  • See the table on the right for a full side-by-side comparison

"iRapp has completely solved a long standing problem within our software development group. Before iRapp, our QA department and software engineering departments were inefficiently attempting to share a handful of Macs even having to physically move them with each period of use. Now, they all have access to a virtual Mac right from their desktop. iRapp has worked flawlessly as our virtual pool of QA and development Macs saving us a substantial capital investment in hardware."

— Doug Hobson, - USA

Feature iRAPP TS iRAPP
Select Server OS
Number of Server Installs
Number of Users


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Support and Upgrades $71.60/year, first year is free 15.80/year, first year is free
Active Session Manager Yes -
User and IP Access Restriction Manager Yes -
Multiple PC users connecting to one Mac Yes -
Each PC user is independent session on remote Mac Yes -
Seamlessly access Mac desktop and all applications on PC - using single keyboard and mouse Yes Yes
Connect to Mac from PC, Mac, Unix, Thin Client (even iphone) Yes Yes
Connect to Mac using 3rd party RDP Clients Yes Yes
Merge your Mac desktop with your PC desktop (single user session) Yes Yes
Display Modes Management Yes Yes
Multi Monitor Support Yes Yes
Custom Keyboard Mapping Yes Yes
Clipboard Sync for Rich Text and Images Yes Yes
Mouse pointer image synchronization Yes Yes
Auto-scan for available iRAPP Servers on the local network Yes Yes
Auto-run / auto-terminate Mac OS Applications on Startup or Logoff Yes Yes
Save and restore client connection settings Yes Yes
Auto-login to OS X system Yes Yes

iRAPP Mac Remote Desktop:

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iRAPP TS Virtual Mac Server:

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