Configure multi-user simulation environment for your iOS developers.

With our iOS Simulator Launcher, you can launch multiple instances of Apple iOS Simulator application on the same OS X server. The iOS Simulator Launcher ensures that Apple iOS Simulator application is configured to allow multiple concurrent instances.

IMPORTANT: The iPhone Launcher Aplication is a shell script wrapped into application container. We are trying to keep compatibility with every new version of Xcode and make the iPhone Launcher Aplication as interactive as possible. However there are situations that may require you to customize the script. You can refer to our technical support team for assistance. 

How to install iOS Simulator Launcher?

Open Terminal and run the following commands:

tar xf
mv "iPhone" /Applications/

How to initialize iOS Simulator Launcher?

- Unload all copies of the iOS Simulator application.

- Run the iPhone for the first time under the iOS SDK owner account with administrative permissions.

- In case of error message “iOS Simulator Does Not Exist”, please set valid path to iOS Simulator application into IPHONE_SIMULATOR_PATH variable located in iPhone source script.

After initialization procedure, multiple users can use iPhone, located in Applications folder, to launch multiple iOS Simulators.

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing any trouble with the iOS Simulator after initialization, you can restore original environment and restart the system: iOS Simulator > Menu > Reset Content and Settings

System Compatibilities

  •  Mac OS X, Xcode, iOS SDK

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