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The best of both worlds: blend your Mac and PC platforms onto one desktop.

Use your Mac and PC simultaneously through a single monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Welcome to the Switzerland of computing. . . iRAPP is an application that gives you merged, interactive access to your Mac OS X remote desktop via your PC. You can choose to view the Mac in a blended session with Windows and OS operating systems into one window, or you may use the built in Remote Desktop Protocol to view it in a separate window. Either way, iRAPP allows you to connect from PC to Mac remote desktop right within the Windows environment. Copy and paste, save documents, open programs, share files – download a free 14-day trial now!

  • What does iRAPP stand for?

    It stands for "interactive Remote APPlication" - a remote access software that allows you to view and fully interact with a remote or locally networked Mac. iRAPP makes it possible for you to work seamlessly and simultaneously on your PC and Mac. It cohesively merges the OS X remote desktop into the Windows environment unlike any other remote access software currently on the market.
  • Give employees access to Mac applications right from their PC, via a Mac remote desktop
  • With your PC to Mac connection, open Mac applications, files and programs on your PC, even access the Mac menu bar
  • Reduce costs: turn less expensive hardware (PC, Mac, thin client, Unix Box, or smartphone) into Macs
  • Better for the environment: Lower your energy consumption by giving multiple individual users OS X remote access via the iRAPP Terminal Server application.
  • Prevent data leakage by centralizing files to servers
  • Reduce the strain on IT resources by updating and installing to only one Mac as opposed to a whole network of individual machines