iRAPP TS : The Mac Terminal Server solution.
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iRAPP TS: The Mac Terminal Server Solution

The iRAPP Terminal Server solution allows multiple users to use one Mac simultaneously.  Install the iRAPP client or any standard compliant RDP client to access the the Mac OS X terminal services system.  This simple software allows you to get the power of a Mac delivered to your desktop, no matter what kind of desktop you may have.  Download a free 14-day trial now!

  • What does iRAPP stand for?

    It stands for "interactive Remote APPlication" - a remote access software that allows you to view and fully interact a remote or locally networked Mac OS X terminal server. iRAPP makes it possible that you can work seamlessly and simultaneously on your PC and Mac. It cohesively merges the Mac OS X desktop into the Windows environment unlike any other remote access software currently on the market.
  • Use our iRAPP Mac OS X terminal server client to give employees access to Mac applications right from their PC in a seamless platform, with more configuration options than RDP
  • Open Mac applications, files and programs (such as Mac Filemaker, Safari, iCal, etc) on your PC, even access the Mac menu bar
  • Reduce costs: turn less expensive hardware (PC, Mac, thin client, Unix Box, or smartphone) into Macs
  • Better for the environment: Lower your energy consumption by running multiple individual users on Macs via the iRAPP Terminal Server application.
  • Prevent data leakage by centralizing files to servers
  • Reduce the strain on IT resources by updating and installing to only one Mac as opposed to a whole network of individual machines