Distribute client connections over multiple terminal servers automatically.

iRAPP Load Balancer is a lightweigh distributor of iRAPP/RDP client connections. The Balancer's configuration allows you to utilize multiple server properties such as priority,  CPU usage, memory utilization, create separate groups of clients and servers, and configure balancing unit for every group. You can implement virtually any pool of terminal serves, including redundant servers and low-priority helpers.

IMPORTANT: At this moment we are supplying compiled binary of Load Balancer for Mac OS X only. But you can download balancer sources and compile the application for other operating systems, following instructions, located in INSTALL.txt file.


System Compatibilities

  • OS X 10.8 or higher
  • Windows (sources are available)
  • Linux (sources are available)

Network Requirements

  • Lowest: 1024 Kbit/s (128 KB/s)
  • Recommended: 10 Mbit/s (1.2 MB/s)

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