The Problem

Imagine working on two desktops simultaneously because you have to connect with both Mac and Windows computer platforms. Talk about a headache! To many, though, this major headache is also a reality. Thankfully though there is relief in sight!

The Solution

The following video is a visual breakdown of how iRAPP can help just about anyone. Learn about how to connect with both platforms from the same computer, iPad, or iPhone. The remote desktop Mac version is perfect for anyone who needs to access something on a Mac server but only has a Windows computer. Whatever the need is, the video easily outlines all the capabilities of iRAPP and how it can work for you!

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Video Recap: Remote Desktop Mac Up, Close, And Personal

In this technological age we live in there are usually two people in this world when talking about computers and servers. There are those people that only want to work on a Mac computer and others that feel more comfortable on the Windows server. Unfortunately though, information is not easily shared between these two servers, which makes it hard for some people that need to use both on a daily basis. While many people feel somewhat comfortable using both kinds of computers it becomes hectic when employees or students need to flip back and forth between both computers. To prevent this from happening, we created a program called iRAPP that allows users to remote their desktop between both servers. This way information is not lost between the two servers and people can cut down from two computers to one—it doesn't get any easier than that!

A Mac Remote Desktop Client That Works For You!

To better explain this to our clients and others we created a whiteboard video about our product. Whiteboard videos are a great way to present information about a new concept or product; therefore, we created this video to provide you with the necessary information to better understand the product and service we provide. Before you go any further watch this video. When you're finished unplug one of the two computers you're working on and purchase iRAPP as soon as possible—don't waste any time. Feel comfortable using the computer and server that you're used to while accessing the information that you normally cannot get on that particular desktop computer. It doesn't stop there—you can also access all the information that you need for work on your iPad, iPhone, other Apple and Android products. Not only is this convenient it is also essential for everyone that uses a computer. Everyone can benefit from this program particularly those businesses and organizations that are discussed in the video such as college students and health care clinics. With that being said, many business owners, companies, and organizations should watch this video to get a better understanding of how iRAPP can benefit them directly.

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